Team BC Takes on Vegas!



My second Team BC trip is now in the books, and after an eventful five days with our Grade 8, U16 and U18 teams, our players, parents, and coaches are now back home with some fond memories of Team BC’s first ever trip to Las Vegas!

Our players had a chance to test their skills against some American competition as they took on players from Team Edge, Team Vegas, and the San Jose Hit Squad. The Grade 8 teams lost both games, but our U16 team came back with a 1-1 record after a close 14-6 loss to Team Vegas and a 28-0 win over the San Jose Hit Squad. Our U18 team had the chance to take on Team Vegas on their second last day of the trip and came out with a stellar 23-20 win to wrap up all of the games for Team BC.


Aside from having the chance to meet our talented players, I also had a chance to meet some Team BC parents and grandparents who came all the way down to Vegas from as far as Ontario to cheer on the team. For some, it was their first time watching their grandson, and for others, it would be their last time watching their son play before graduation after coaching them for the past 13 years. Either way, it was great to see so many Team BC supporters so far from home!

Once again, the Team BC experience did not disappoint. Here are some key things we all learned on this trip:

Win or lose, there’s always an opportunity to learn.

We all love to win, but losing builds character. This is a lesson that our Grade 8 team can take away the most out of all of the other teams on this trip. Although they lost both games this weekend, they can take this experience and figure out what they need to work on to come back even better next season. After facing adversity, it’s what you do that ultimately separates good players from the great. Grade 8 Coach Will Loftus puts it best in his interview:

Hear Grade 8 player Taran Birdi’s thoughts on the Team BC experience:

Friendly competition creates great bonding experiences.


On the day before their game, the U18 players had a chance to take part in a skills competition at Athletic Gaines, where they took part in one vs one and team drills against the Team Vegas players they would have a chance to face on the field the next day.

This was one of the highlights for me on this trip as I got to see the U18 players break out of their shell to cheer on their teammates. Our players took part in the bench press, L-drill, medicine ball toss and many other drills, and the atmosphere began to intensify throughout the event, with the final tug-of-war competition proving to be the most exciting event of the day. Team BC ended up winning two out of three tug of war events, and the team- including the coaches – were going insane. That, I believe, is when our team really bonded!

Check out the skills competition footage below:

Team BC is one big family, regardless of where you’re from.


When we had the chance to talk with several players, one thing they loved about being a part of Team BC was having the chance to play alongside players they played against all season. When coming together as a part of Team BC, school rivalries were cast aside as the players cheered and supported each other throughout all of the games, which was great to see!

Team BC has given players from across the province a chance to showcase their skills in Nova Scotia, Alberta, Winnipeg, and across the border in Auburn, Seattle, San Antonio, Dallas, and now Las Vegas. Where will we head to next? Only time will tell, but until then, a big thank you to all of the coaches, players, and parents for supporting Team BC!

Last but not least, a big tournament isn’t complete without the Chiko’s Champions of the Game. Since this is a special edition, here are some of Chiko’s Champions of the Weekend:

Player Awards:

Most Composed: Cole Theobald (U18)

Best Interviewee: Niko Pavicic (Grade 8)

Happiest: Teon Alexander-Amour (U16)

Best On-Field Dancer: Zach Welton (U16)

Most Competitive: Zac Callaghan (U18)

Most Polite: Ivan Xu (U16)


Most Animated/Best Laugh: Jay Prepchuk

Most Friendly: Jim Head

Most Valuable Intern: Luke Sakakibara

Most Hardworking: Daniel Fung

Most Valuable Drivers: Dave Henderson, Dino Geremia, Leon Lilley, Glenn Cook and Paris Jackson

Best Post-Trip Email: Tom Kudaba


Missed the game highlights? Make sure to check them out below and on our Youtube page:

U16 second game highlights:

U18 game highlights:



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