“Where are they now?” Senior Bowl series – Nathan Lund


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Photo Credit: Michael Luk

With just days left before the start of the 2015 Senior Bowl camp, I had a chance to interview yet another Senior Bowl alumnus. This time it was Nathan Lund, a Centennial Centaurs alumnus and a running back for the Langley Rams.

Nathan, who recently wrapped up his second season with the Rams, also has fond memories of the Senior Bowl.

“Senior Bowl was really good for me. It was a good experience because my last year wasn’t really a good year for my school team,” Lund recalls. “[Since I was] playing with the best of the best of the high school players, I was looking to get more competition, more looks, and run a lot more offence than I did when I played for my high school team.”

Nathan did end up showing his potential in the 2013 Senior Bowl game with the highlight being a kickoff return for a touchdown – a play he cites as his most memorable Senior Bowl moment.

“I was running down the sideline along the open field… My brother and cousins were on the other side of field in the bleachers, and when I ran in for the touchdown, I pointed at them and they cheered,” he laughs while recalling the excitement his family showed at the game.

Although Nathan had a great showing at the Senior Bowl, he didn’t always have the chance to show his skills at the camp.

“I was all over the place. I wanted to play running back, got moved to defense and then moved back to offence. I was one of the ones that was behind most of the time, so I had to work hard for my spot,” he recalls.

“That work motivated me to not think about what other people think and try and just be the best I can be. [Since that game], I’ve thought about that every time I play.”


Photo Credit: Darren Stone, Times Colonist

Since then, Nathan has taken this important lesson to heart and even got an invite to the BC Lions rookie camp last year. He was one of the youngest players at the camp at 19 years old.

So, what’s currently on Nathan’s plate during the off-season?

Nathan was invited to the BC Lions’ evaluation camp happening on May 3rd. If the coaches like what they see, he will be able to attend the rookie camp this year again. We’re excited to see what an impact the Senior Bowl had on a player like Nathan, who is making waves at such a young age. Best of luck at the camp, Nathan!


Feeling inspired to watch this year’s Senior Bowl Game? You can catch this year’s Senior Bowl game at McLeod Stadium (Langley) on Saturday, March 21st at 11am!


“Where are they now?” Senior Bowl series – Jordan Pugh



Photo Credit: Andy Fang

With the 2015 Senior Bowl less than a week away, I had a chance to catch up with several Senior Bowl alumni to hear all about their experiences.

The first Senior Bowl alumnus I had the chance to talk to was Jordan Pugh, who played with the Nanaimo Redmen before making his way up the hill to play for SFU.

In 2012, he won the Most Outstanding Defensive Back award at the Senior Bowl game, where he had the chance to play alongside his current SFU teammates, Ante Milanovic-Litre (Notre Dame) and Michael Couture (Centennial).

“[Ante and Michael] were on the Senior Bowl team as me, so that was cool looking back,” says Pugh reflecting on the event three years ago. “Now, they’ve been my teammates for the past three years.”

Although he played against his current teammates growing up, having the chance to play on the same team for the first time at the Senior Bowl really fueled his appreciation for the other players at the game.

“Everyone [at the Senior Bowl] comes from being the best player on their team, so obviously when you go from playing other teams to playing in an All Star bowl, everyone is bigger, faster, stronger, and it was a small taste of what football was like at the next level,” he explains.


Pictured: Jordan Pugh (#28) making the tackle

Other than having the chance to compete against the best players in the province and winning the Most Outstanding DB award, Jordan remembers one of the highlights as training at the BC Lions facility.

“It was a little bit humbling and motivating at the same time. That was pretty cool,” he recalls.

So, what did he think about the overall Senior Bowl experience?

“It was a good experience, realizing that you aren’t going to be the biggest, fastest and strongest kid on the team forever. That fueled me to train harder and get better, because you’re not always going to be that guy,” he explains.

That mindset proved to be beneficial for Jordan, as he caught the eye of Dino Geremia, current Football BC Technical Director who happened to be the SFU defensive coordinator at the time. Having the chance to work with Dino at the Senior Bowl and on the U-18 team was part of the reason why he ended up playing up at SFU.

Thanks for talking with us Jordan, and best of luck in the upcoming season!

Feeling inspired to watch this year’s Senior Bowl Game? You can catch this year’s Senior Bowl game at McLeod Stadium (Langley) on Saturday, March 21st at 11am!