Jaden tackles his way to success


jadenPhoto Credit: Daniel Fung, Football BC

Did you know that many of our Team BC athletes are not only good at football, but also talented in other sports too?

Jaden Severy, a member of this year’s Grade 8 team and a member of the Coquitlam Raiders, is one of these athletes. I had the chance to catch up with Jaden at a recent Combine to ask him a little bit about his success in two sports – football and wrestling.

Two weekends ago, Jaden won the Coquitlam District Championship for the first time representing Maple Creek Middle School.

Jaden, who has been playing football for seven years, decided to take up wrestling three years ago.

“I wasn’t really sure about [wrestling] because there were a lot of kids who were bigger than me when I was in grade six. I was really nervous about that,” admitted Jaden.

However, that size difference didn’t stop him from being a natural. In his first year of wrestling, he placed third at the district championships and has been steadily improving ever since, taking second place in grade seven and now finally taking the gold in his last year of middle school.

On the other hand, his decision to start playing football was not as difficult. He first heard about football during his days competing in soccer, and decided to give it a try. Once he started playing flag, he tried tackle football, and the rest is history.

So, what’s in store for Jaden?

“Hopefully I’ll go really far [in football], and go to college on a scholarship. Maybe for wrestling too, if I decide to continue it in high school.”

Even though he enjoys both sports, he does prefer football. However, when asked to pick between winning a Grey Cup ring, a Super Bowl ring, or an Olympic gold medal, even he couldn’t make his mind up. We don’t blame him though, as all three are amazing feats!

We love to see our athletes excel in multiple sports using the skills they’ve gained in football.

Congratulations on the win, Jaden!

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Chiko takes on the Football BC Combine


Hi everyone!

I hope you didn’t miss me too much over the last several weeks because… I’m back at Football BC! And what better way to come back to the Football BC family than taking part in an event on Family Day?

As it turns out, my first assignment back with the team was the Family Day Combine out at the Richmond Oval, the biggest combine of the year with over 200 attendees. Players from all over the Lower Mainland were there to make a mark and be noticed for next year’s grade 8, U-16, and U-18 teams, and this year’s Senior Bowl camp.

To see what the players go through at the combine, I was asked to do some of the drills that the players take part in for their testing. Sounds easy, right? Turns out some of the tests were harder than I thought,  especially the 40 yard dash (turns out that running a good 40 takes a lot of technique and not just speed!) Overall, I had a lot of fun watching and learning from the players and coaches at the Combine. Maybe next year, I’ll be able to improve significantly on my 40 yard time. Of course, only time will tell!

How do you think I did? Check out the video below to see what the Combine was all about this past weekend!

To see the results, keep an eye out on the Football BC website and on our social media channels, as results will be up within the next week!